Charter and Life Members

Charter members include those who were members and/or who attended the meetings in 1959 and 1960.

Deceased ++

Active #

Adams, James Luther
Barnett,Das Kelley ++
Beach, Waldo  ++
Bennett, John C. ++
Boorman, J. Arthur ++
Bryan, George McLeod ++
Chakerian, Charles G. ++
Dorey, Frank D. ++
Easter,George H. ++
Elman, Paul  ++
Fildey, Harold W. ++
Fitch, Robert E. ++
Fletcher, Joseph F. ++
Forell, George W. ++
Gardner, Frank H. ++
Gardner, E. Clinton  ++
Gustafson, James M.#
Heimann, Edward  ++
Hertz, Karl H. D. ++
Hill, Daniel O.
Horton, Walter Marshall ++
Jackson, Douglas E.
Jay, C. Douglas
Kincheloe, Samuel C. ++
Kolbe, Henry E. ++
Lazareth, William H. ++
Leiffer, Murray H. ++
Lewis, Frank B.
Loescher, Frank S. ++
Long Jr., Edward LeRoy#
Maston, T. B. ++
Mollegan, Albert T. ++
Morris, William ++
Muehl, William ++
Niebuhr, H. Richard ++
Obenhaus, Victor ++
Outler, Albert C. ++
Pemberton, Prentiss L. ++
Pope, Liston  ++
Potter, Ralph
Ramsey, Paul  ++
Ranson, Guy H. ++
Rasmussen, Albert T. ++
Rutenber, Culbert G. ++
Satterwhite, John H. ++
Seitz, Oscar J. F. ++
Sikes, Walter W. ++
Smith, Edmund 
Smith, Kenneth L. ++
Smythe, Lewis 
Stob, Henry  ++
Sturm, Douglas ++
Thompson, Kenneth W. ++
Turnbull, John W. ++
Underwood, Kenneth ++
Wade, Donald V.
Weber, Theodore R.#


Upon recommendation by the Executive Director, Life Membership without payment of dues will be granted by the Board of Directors to those who have retired and who have been members in good standing of the Society for at least 25 years.  In exceptional circumstances, on recommendation by the Executive Director, a member having retired, but having less than 25 years of membership in good standing in the Society, may be granted life membership by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. (Article III, Section 3 of the By-Laws of the Society of Christian Ethics, as revised at the 1995 Annual Meeting). Please see attachment for current list.


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