Current Officers and Committees

The Society is governed by its Board of (twelve) directors. Three members are elected each year at the annual business meeting, for four - year terms. Between the two Board meetings, which occur at the annual meeting in January, the Society is governed by the Executive Committee of the Board.

The main function of the Society is its Annual Meeting, whose program is designed by the Program Committee. Intellectual leadership is provided by the President, whose one-year term ends with a scholarly address to the membership assembled at the Annual Meeting. The President Elect rises to the Presidency. A Vice President is elected each year, and rises to the President Elect in the following year.

Day-by-day administration is handled by the Executive Administrator, operating from offices in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The Treasurer is appointed for a 5 year term.

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the President Elect, while the Program Committee largely overlaps the Executive Committee. The Professional Conduct Committee, appointed by the President with rolling three-year terms, meets to address allegations of misconduct.

While all these committees function from year to year, with terms varying from one to three years, there are also adhoc committees, formed as needed for carrying out specific mandates. These include search committees, which are appointed by the President as needed, to identify and vet candidates for term positions within the Society, most notably that of Treasurer and the editor(s) of the Journal of the SCE at five-year intervals.