Author Eligibility

Q. Who is eligible to submit articles for the JSCE?
A. All those who make presentations at the annual meeting of the SCE and at the concurrent annual meeting of the Society of Jewish Ethics and the Society of the Study of Muslim Ethics are eligible. Everyone in these groups who notifies the editors before December 1 that they wish to have their work reviewed and considered for publication are welcome to submit essays to the JSCE.

Q. Is work presented at section meetings of the SCE eligible for publication in the JSCE?
A. Yes, however, regardless of the rules a section adopts about who may present at their meetings, only SCE members in good standing, including student members who have passed their qualifying exams for the doctorate and student members without this qualification who will co-present with a full member, are eligible to submit their work for review by the JSCE. Papers submitted to the JSCE for review must be presented electronically to the Sectional Program Director and forwarded to the Editors at the start of the Section meeting. Failure to meet this date disqualifies the paper for review. The paper being proposed must not be currently under review with another publisher.

Q. Are SCE panel presentations eligible for JSCE submission?
A. Yes, however, panel papers that are submitted to JSCE review must follow academic standards of scholarship, style, and format guidelines used for all papers submitted for review (see the section “Preparing your Manuscript for Publication Review” for more information).

Q. Is it acceptable for me to submit my paper simultaneously to the JSCE and to another journal?
A. No! The SCE holds the copyright to all work submitted to the JSCE until a decision not to publish is made. It is not our purpose to reprint work that is readily available in other journals. Moreover, the JSCE makes publication decisions within four months of their submission, so papers that are not accepted can quickly be submitted elsewhere.

Q. Suppose my SCE paper constitutes a chapter of a book manuscript that I intend to publish elsewhere or, suppose my SCE paper draws heavily on material I have already published in a book or in another journal, may I submit the paper to the JSCE for review?
A. Cases of this sort have to be considered individually; the editors will need details. In general, we would not publish essays that will appear nearly verbatim in a book manuscript within the year after publication of the JSCE in which the article appears. If the essay will be substantially revised, if material from it will be used for an essay or a chapter with a different thesis or purpose, or if the book manuscript is not likely to be published within the restricted period, we would be interested in considering the essay for publication inthe JSCE. When in doubt about our criteria regarding overlap with other publications, do not hesitate to consult the editors.

Q. Are authors consulted before their papers are considered for publication?
A. Yes, all presenters are asked whether they would like their papers considered for publication. Some presenters choose not to submit their work for review; those who wish to submit their work to JSCE review notify the co-editors by December 1st so that appropriate referees can be found to review the work.