The Journal of the SCE

The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (JSCE) is a scholarly publication that examine social, economic, political and cultural problems within the context of Christian social ethics. It contains peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, and relevant announcements or advertisements. Originally established in 1981 as an annual conference publication (The Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics), the JSCE has evolved into a highly respected peer-reviewed resource published twice yearly. The editorial team currently includes Kevin Carnahan and Scott Paeth (co-editors), Lisa Powell (book review editor), and the national editorial board. As of February 2019, the JSCE is published in both print and electronic formats by the Philosophy Documentation Center

Access to the journal is provided via subscription or SCE membership. Print subscriptions include the two issues of the current volume, while online subscriptions include full access to all issues (vol.1 to present) from the Philosophy Documentation Center. Additional online access to the JSCE is provided though ATLA full-text collections, JSTOR, and Project MUSE. Non-members and non-subscribers have free access to the tables of contents, abstracts, and page previews at

If members have access to the JSCE through their institution with ATLA, JSTOR, or MUSE we encourage them to access the journal through those links, as the journal receives additional revenue from that access. We would also encourage members who are using articles for a class to have students access the articles directly from the ATLA, JSTOR, or MUSE databases rather than accessing a copy of the articles in a course website. We understand that this may be less convenient, but the journal depends upon the record of access that only occurs when users click through to the original article on the database site.

Online subscriptions for institutions now include access to all issues, COUNTER 5 usage statistics, and post-cancellation access to subscribed volumes. More information about subscription options for JSCE is available at