Reminder - Call for Applications: Co-Editors of the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

Call for Applications: Co-Editors of the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

The Society of Christian Ethics seeks a two-person team or individual applicants to serve as Co-Editors of the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics for a five-year term, from January 2022-January 2027.

The search for the next Co-Editors of the JSCE is now open. Members are invited to consider serving the Society of Christian Ethics (SCE) in this important capacity. Among other professional benefits, Co-Editors of the JSCE receive an annual stipend from the SCE as well as travel and lodging for the January Annual Meeting and Spring Program Committee Meeting.

The Co-Editors play an important role in shaping the SCE, its Annual Meeting, and the academy at large. As members of the Program Committee, the Co-Editors influence the content and quality of the Annual Meeting and, with production of the JSCE, dissemination of SCE members’ scholarship. The Co-Editors are the final arbiters of publication in the JSCE.  

The Search Committee encourages applications from members of the SCE interested in and prepared for the work of the SCE and the Society’s journal:

a)      as standing members of the Annual Meeting Program Committee, the co-editors influence the content of the Annual Meeting by vetting proposals—the first review for JSCE publication

b)      maintain the Editorial Board of the JSCE and appointment of new members to the E.B.

c)      assign referees (members of the E.B. and other SCE volunteers) to papers presented by those requesting review at the Annual Meeting—the second review for publication

d)      from referees’ reports and co-editor’s assessments, determination of publication acceptance—the third and final review  

e)      production and editing of two issues per year, inclusive of book reviews

Candidates may apply as a team or individually. If as individuals, the Search Committee will work with candidate-applicants to develop the co-editors team.

Description of Position
Co-Editors must work in a team environment to develop and produce two issues of the JSCE each year; maintain and work with an Editorial Board; enlist, maintain, and work with a Book Review Editor; participate in and attend the Program Committee meeting; facilitate referees; attend the Annual Meeting; and sharpen the quality of the JSCE through regular assessment of publication criteria, reviewer responsibilities, and author eligibility. 

Minimum Requirements
Candidates must possess knowledge of and familiarity with the JSCE and the work and mission of the SCE. Candidates must be members of the SCE in good standing and with a record of regular attendance at the Annual Meeting. Candidates should have experience with: publications and/or edited works in the field of Christian Ethics; publication review experience; at least one year of related work experience in academic manuscript proofreading/preparation for scholarly journals or books for production. Candidates must have experience in the use of appropriate editing techniques (Word Track Changes, Adobe Professional, digital book file formats) and working knowledge of The Chicago Manual of Style, 15 or later. An ability to communicate professionally and effectively in written and spoken word is essential, as is an ability to complete work according to time-specific dates. Finally, facility with PDC (Philosophy Documentation Center) and the “Scholastica” submission platform are necessary.

Desired Qualifications
Tenured faculty members with a commitment to the mission of the SCE. A strong work ethic and ability to function independently; professional demeanor; and an ability to think creatively. Additionally, candidates ideally have experience in: the production of academic manuscripts, scholarly journals, books, or closely related media; proofreading; the production sector of the highly specialized field of scholarly or commercial publishing, with particular strengths in the following areas: project management; effective collaboration; the ability to develop and successfully explain assignments; highly developed technical, communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills in a fast-paced environment. Ideal candidates will also cultivate a broad network of collegial contacts with potential to grow the readership of the JSCE. Support from the candidates’ respective institutions, such as course releases or student assistance, is important and strongly recommended but not required.

The Search Committee will consider candidates who have not served on the Editorial Board of the JSCE, however, priority will be given to candidates who have so served.

To Apply
Candidate Pairs: Interested candidate pairs should send a letter of application that includes a brief narrative of collaboration, a c.v. for each, and contact information for two references who can address the required and desired qualifications you, as a team, possess, including your organizational skills and ability to meet time-specific dates.

Individual Candidates: Interested individuals should send a letter of application that includes a brief narrative of experience in publishing, a c.v., and contact information for two references who can address the required and desired qualifications you possess, including your organizational skills and ability to meet time-specific dates.

SCE members familiar with the JSCE are invited to encourage qualified candidates to apply or to suggest names and contact information of candidates for consideration. Initial contact should be by email to the Search Committee Chair.

Applications are to be submitted to the Search Committee Chair, Mary Jo Iozzio, and must be received no later than November 30, 2020.

Interviews will be conducted at the 2021 Annual Meeting. Selection of Co-Editors will conclude with SCE Board approval in Summer 2021, with the transition of editorial duties to occur from October 2021 through Spring 2022.

Thank you,

JSCE Co-Editors’ Search Committee

Mary Jo Iozzio, Search Committee Chair ([email protected])
John Kelsay
Grace Kao
Terrence Johnson

 Timeline for JSCE Co-Editors’ Transition

October 2021

  • New Co-Editor shadows Kevin Carnahan (management editor) through solicitation and matching of referees with papers to be presented at the 2022 Annual Meeting 

 January 2022

  • Current Co-Editors, Kevin Carnahan and Scott Paeth, attend the Thursday SCE Board Meeting
  • Current and New Co-Editors attend and report at the SCE Business Meeting
  • New Co-Editors attend the Sunday SCE Board Meeting
  • New Co-Editors shadow out-going Co-Editors during the meeting as appropriate
  • Both outgoing and new Co-Editors attend the Sunday JSCE Editorial Board Meeting with outgoing Co-Editors chairing the meeting and then transferring that responsibility during the meeting to the new Co-Editors
  • Current and new Co-Editors read and score all papers submitted to the JSCE for publication
  • New Co-Editor shadows Scott Paeth (production editor) through preparation of the second issue (JSCE 42.1) of the accepted papers from the 2021 Annual Meeting

 Late February/Early March 2022

  • New Co-Editors notify authors of acceptance or not for publication in the JSCE
  • New production Co-Editor begins to organize JSCE 42.2 (the first set of papers accepted from the 2022 Annual Meeting)
  • New Co-Editors develop the “Preface” of their first issue: JSCE 42.2

 Spring 2022

  • New Co-Editors read and score proposals submitted for the 2023 Annual Meeting and attend the Executive and Program Committee meetings
  • New production Co-Editor submits the edited plan of JSCE 42.2 and begins the plan for the second set of essays from the 2022 Annual Meeting (JSCE 43.1)

Additional description of duties and list of questions to consider are available upon request.

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