Exhibitors and Sponsors

We invite you to join us virtually for the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics (SCE) which will be held online January 4-13, 2021. We are pleased to meet jointly with our sister societies the Society of Jewish Ethics and the Society for the Study of Muslim Ethics

Exhibitors and sponsors are an important and indispensable component of the SCE Annual Meeting, and the leadership of the SCE would like both to encourage your virtual presence at the meeting and to solicit your suggestions for increasing the value of the opportunity for those exhibitors participate.

Here are a few highlights of our upcoming meeting, which SCE President Dr. Jennifer Herdt has focused around the theme “Questioning the Human.” We will feature two plenary panels. The first, focusing directly on the conference theme, takes its point of departure from the fact that the category “human” has operated as much to exclude as include, and as much to shore up inequality as to promote equality. Panelists John Bowlin, Victor Carmona, Jonathan Tran, and Andrea White, together with convenor Grace Kao, will reflect on humanity, human equality, and justice beyond the human in light of the interlaced challenges of the present moment and the theological resources offered by Christian traditions and practices.

Our second panel, “Forming the Political,” featuring Nichole Flores, Cathy Kaveny, Vincent Lloyd, and Melissa Snarr, with Luke Bretherton convening, will approach the question of our common humanity through the lens of rising populism and increasing political polarization and partisan antipathy around the globe. In the midst of a global pandemic and historic movement for racial justice, with the 2020 election behind us, and climate crisis looming ever larger, how might Christian ethical reflection on our shared humanity nourish the cultivation of a common life in the midst of tribalistic friend-enemy divisions and across vast disparities of wealth and power?

We will continuously update the Society’s website which includes a draft of the agenda.

As this is SCE’s first virtual annual meeting we would like to provide the following visibility options:

Virtual exhibit which includes the following on the virtual exhibitor page ($185):

  • Logo or banner
  • Link
  • Brief company description
  • Electronic fliers
  • Waived registration for up to three representatives
  • Opportunity for exhibitors to schedule appointments with registrants

 Additional visibility opportunities

  • Lifetime Achievement Award ($500) – Exclusive
  • Ad space can also be reserved for the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (JSCE), published twice a year, at the rate of $400 for single full page ad directly with Greg Swope at [email protected].  The deadline for the spring issue will be March 1.

 Please note SCE will not be providing a printed program this year as all information will be available online.

 You can register as a virtual exhibitor using our online form.

 We would appreciate it if you would please share this with others involved in marketing.

 Thank you for your participation in the SCE/SJE/SSME Annual Meeting.