Annual Meeting Frequently Asked Questions

Attendee FAQ | Speaker FAQ | Volunteer FAQ

Attendee FAQ

Will there be a virtual component to the Annual Meeting?

As of December 28, the 2022 Annual Meeting will be a fully virtual meeting.  Read the letter here.


Speaker FAQ

Tips for Presenters

  1. Strong Internet Connection - Please connect your computer to the internet with a hard-wired network cable if possible. Wi-Fi connections are acceptable, but wired is preferred.
  2. Audio/Video - We ask attendees to please remain muted to limit any audio distractions for the presenters and participants, as well as for future listeners of the recording. Attendees are welcome to turn on your camera/unmute during the discussion portion of the session. If you do choose to turn on your video, we recommend a well-lit, quiet space with no interruptions. Presenters are encouraged to join session rooms 10 minutes early to test their own audio and connectivity. Where possible, headsets should be used to ensure audio clarity. Presenters will be in charge of their own presentations and screen sharing. If multiple presenters are participating, we encourage coordinating the order of presentations prior to the session.
  3. Name - Please make sure your name is showing correctly during the session as we are always trying to avoid interference from outside parties. If your name appears suspicious you may be subject to removal by the staff.
  4. Recording - Please note, most sessions will be recorded (with the permission of the presenters).
  5. Attire - Dress as you would for the in-person meeting.

The 2022 SCE Virtual Annual Meeting will be using Zoom to host our sessions within our online platform. We will use a mix of Zoom webinars and meetings. If you are unfamiliar with the Zoom platform, view the Zoom Instructions for Attendees & Presenters document.

All speakers must be registered before December 1.

Plenary, Concurrent & Interest/Working Group Sessions

Presenters are asked to join the meeting 10 minutes prior to the start of your session to test their own audio and connectivity.  If applicable, presenters are responsible for sharing their screen with PowerPoint or other presentation materials.

Concurrent sessions are 75 minutes long, which should be split equally between presentation and discussion (~35/40 minutes).

Convener Responsibilities:  A convener oversees a concurrent session. To foster constructive dialogue and open discussion among all present at a session, the Convener is asked to:

  • Join 10 minutes prior to the session and be prepared to start on time.
  • Keep the presenter/panelists on schedule: the 75 minute session should be split equally between presentation and discussion (~35/40 minutes).
  • Provide warnings as agreed upon with the presenter, minimally a 10-minute and a 5-minute warning
  • Facilitate discussion following the presentation by recognizing questioners and keeping track of who wishes to ask questions.
  • Call on as many different individuals as possible and monitor the chat box during the discussion.
  • Avoid letting one or two individuals dominate the discussion time.
  • Encourage new members and junior scholars to participate in the discussion.

Conversation with an Author

Presenters are asked to join the meeting 10 minutes prior to the start of your session to test their own audio and connectivity.  If applicable, presenters are responsible for sharing their screen with PowerPoint or other presentation materials.  Registration is required for all participants.  Those that have signed up for your book will be assigned to your breakout room.

Facilitator Responsibilities:  A facilitator convenes a Conversation with an Author session.  Responsibilities include joining the session 10 minutes early, providing a brief (5-7 minute) synopsis of the book, introducing the author, and facilitating a discussion of the book.

The discussion segment ordinarily is divided as follows:

  • 5 minutes for general welcome and individual introductions.
  • 5-10 minutes for the facilitator to summarize the book and introduce the author.
  • 5 minutes for the author to respond to the summary.
  • 55 minutes for general discussion.

The Conversation with an Author sessions will not be recorded.


All posters will be uploaded to the virtual meeting site with the presenter contact information (name, institution, email address).  

Requirements:  Each presenter should submit a digital poster in the form of a 1-page PDF file.

  • The poster must be a PDF file at the highest resolution possible.

  • Aspect ratio (ratio of width to height) should be ideally set to ‘16:9’.

  • Minimum font size of 12.

  • Make sure that there is enough contrast between the color of the text and the poster’s background.

  • The poster should not rely upon your verbal explanation

  • Add your name, institution, and email address to your poster so attendees can contact you directly.

  • Click here to see poster examples.

As a speaker/convener/facilitator, do I need to register for the Annual Meeting?

Yes, all participants must register for the Annual Meeting by December 1, or they will be removed from the program.

Do Interest Group invited speakers need to register?

Yes, registration is required.  Presenters at non-concurrent sessions do not need to be members; if a Group invites a non-member to speak, the non-member’s registration fee is waived.  Please reach out to [email protected] and ask for a complimentary code to register.  Any such Interest Group guests must pay their own transportation and lodging expenses.  

Is my paper eligible to be published in the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (JSCE)?

All papers and panels accepted for concurrent sessions are eligible for consideration to be published in the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics. If you are interested in submitting your paper for consideration, you will need to upload an abstract into the JSCE online system by August 15. 

What is SCE's Policy Regarding Research Involving Human Subjects?

If your paper/panel includes research of human subjects (including ethnographic research) you need to submit an IRB protocol to your local IRB committee.  You must confirm submission (with contact information and date) or acceptance of an IRB protocol by June 1st or your acceptance will be withdrawn. We realize that the IRB protocol you submit may not receive approval by June 1; what is important at this stage is simply that it be submitted, and that you can confirm its receipt by your IRB.  You can find the SCE's IRB Policy here.

I am participating in the Conversation with an Author session and would like my book to be considered for review in the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics.  What do I need to do?

Mail a copy of your book to the Book Review Editor, Lisa Powell.  More information can be found here.

When will I find out who is convening/facilitating my session?

The name of the convener/facilitator of your session will be posted to the online program in early Fall.  At that time, it is the presenter's responsibility to send the convener/facilitator a copy of your paper, curriculum vita or other material needed to introduce you.  For the Conversation with an Author, it is the authors responsibility to send the facilitator a complimentary copy of your book soon after this assignment is made so they have time to digest it.

My convener can no longer attend my session. What do I do?

At this stage, it is the responsibility of the presenter to find a new convener or to convene their own session.  Please email us at [email protected] to let us know who the new convener will be.


Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities will open up in September with registration.  Please indicate on your registration form the volunteer opportunity you would like to sign up for.

I am a volunteer.  What is my role?

Convener Responsibilities:  A convener oversees a concurrent session. 

Worship Planner Responsibilities:  A worship planner for the Ecumenical Worship Service (Sunday AM) and the Catholic Eucharist on (Saturday PM), is responsible for planning and/or leading the session.  

Room Manager Responsibilities:  The Room Manager’s primary responsibility is to support the Zoom logistics for all sessions that are assigned to their virtual room.  The Room Manager should work closely with the presenters and conveners, whose responsibility is to manage the flow of the session so that the session starts and finishes within its schedule time slot.  This opportunity is available for Student Members only.

Journal Referee Responsibilities:  JSCE referees evaluate presentations for possible publication in the Journal, according to the procedures established by the editors.



Have a question not answered above?  Reach out to [email protected] or 320-253-5407.