Editorial Team


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Kevin M. Carnahan
Central Methodist University
Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religion


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Scott Ronald Paeth
DePaul University
Professor of Religious Studies






SJE Representative

SSME Representative

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Lisa D. Powell
St. Ambrose University
Associate Professor

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Jonathan Crane
The Center for Ethics, Emory University

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Elizabeth A. Barre
Wake Forest University
Executive Director

Board of Directors

Class of 2019

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Nichole M. Flores
University of Virginia
Assistant Professor

gkao@cst.edu's picture
Grace Y. Kao
Claremont School of Theology
Associate Professor of Ethics

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D. Stephen Long
Southern Methodist University
Professor of Ethics


Class of 2020

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Gloria H. Albrecht
University of Detroit Mercy
Professor of Religious Studies

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Jeffrey P. Bishop
St. Louis University

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda's picture
Cynthia Diane Moe-Lobeda
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

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Eboni K Marshall Turman
Yale Divinity School
Assistant Professor of Theology and African American Religion

Class of 2021

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Luke Bretherton
Duke University
Professor of Theological Ethics

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Anna Floerke Floerke Scheid
Duquesne University
Assistant Professor of Theology

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Terrence L. Johnson
Georgetown University
Associate Professor of Religion and African American Studies

mlysaught@luc.edu's picture
M. Therese Lysaught
Loyola University Chicago
Associate Professor

Class of 2022

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Hoon Choi
Bellarmine University
Assistant Professor

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Amy Levad
University of St. Thomas
Assistant Professor of Moral Theology

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Neil G. Messer
University of Winchester
Senior Lecturer

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Tisha M. Rajendra
Loyola University Chicago