International Scholarly Relations Committee

The charge of the International Scholarly Relations Committee (formerly the Global Research in Ethics Committee  created in 2010) is to strengthen ties with scholars and their institutions (houses of study, schools, seminaries, colleges and/or universities) located in the developing world. It builds on the experience of many members with visa students in their classes, visits to institutions and locales outside of North America or Europe, and recognition of a paucity of scholarship that engages perspectives and work from scholars beyond our shores. With the work of this committee, the SCE expects to strengthen the international ties it has already established with the Global Scholars Program and the International Speakers Fund and to create ties where economic, social, and/or political forces have made it difficult to develop relationships of this kind. Devoted to the personal interchange that can come from the development of intentional relationships, reaching globally far and wide with scholars in religious ethics, the initiative may foster friendships across the boundaries of geography, culture, and circumstances. Committee members are appointed by the President.

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Kristin E. Heyer
Boston College

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David True
Wilson College
Associate Professor of Religion

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David P. Gushee
Mercer University
Distinguished Univ Professor of Christian Ethics

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Ilsup Ahn
North Park University
Assistant Professor, Dept of Philosophy

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Per Sundman
Uppsala University

Ex Officio:  
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Richard E. Brown
Georgetown University Press

Ex Officio:
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Linda D. Schreiber

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